A winter poem

Blankets form of powder down
Tuffs of cloud swirl and shake
Coating limb, air and ground
Silent army of hueless flake.

Boots scrunch with ev’ry pass
My arms aloft to embrace
Darkness blott’d with chilling ash
Ice drops nuzzle ‘gainst my face.

Fire crackles somewhere near
Blankets smolder tempest cries
Yet snow and wind bring cheer
Storms swell, to break is to rise.

4 thoughts on “A winter poem

  1. Hi there, Murph,

    I run a blog called “Newton Poetry,” where I take poems, run them through my Newton MessagePad, and whatever comes out in the translation is Newton Poetry.

    I really like this poem, and wondered if you would give me permission to spotlight it on my page. I’ll give you a link back to your page if you want, and give you full credit.

    Thanks, and nice work!

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