The Art of Arting

Dasad informed me yesterday that he had begun drawing again after a six-month hiatus.  Much of the present art needs to be photoshopped for color and clarity.  I in turn offered to help, which led to the following conversation:

Murph: Can you scan your art and photoshop it?

Dasad: yeah i clean up a few things with photoshop

add some masks and stuff

Murph: Awesome!

Can I help?

Dasad: you can download the image and do what you want

Murph: I want to help you to . . . uh, art.

Dasad: i art all the time

Murph: Cool, I will try . . . Do you?

Dasad: damn straight

Murph: I thought you haven’t been arting for a while?

You’ve been holding the art in.

Dasad: well i’ve been eating the right things

so now the art is ok

Murph: That helps you to art?

Dasad: well it helps make good art

Murph: You eat, then art?

Dasad: i art because i eat

Murph: I see. So eating is the source of your arts.


Dasad: you can say that certain types of foods is the cause of my arts

some arts are more pronounced

Murph: Really? Does it work like that?

Dasad: yes, you’d be amazed

Murph: What food helps you to art the best?

Dasad: well everyone says the same things for arting

but i’ve learned that dim sung makes me art the most

Murph: Spicy food? Do you produce more arts when you eat tex-mex?

I see.

Dasad: yes, tex-mex would be the obvoius one, but it doesn’t do it for me

Murph: When you release your art onto a canvas, do you feel relieved.

Dasad: i art the same with that

sometimes, only if there’s enough moisture in the art

Murph: Does releasing your art reduce the pressure of everyday life?

Dasad: and that only comes from the best sources of food

Murph: Interesting.

Dasad: well it’s a stress reliever definitely

and it’s healthy

Murph: I can understand that.

Dasad: everyone arts

Murph: Not in my family.

I’m the only one that arts in my clan.

Dasad: they just don’t admit they art

Murph: I art everywhere.

Dasad: do you?

Murph: On my computer, in my room, even at the dinner table.

No one else appreciates my arting.

Dasad: wow, that’s quite… something

can people tell it’s your art?

Murph: Yeah, there’s this aura . . . or aroma that circulates around my particular art.

Dasad: geez ok, how did this conversation go this way

Murph: They know I’ve been in a room when they sense my art.

Dasad: i think this is the most vulgar yet surprisingly clever conversation

Murph: hahahaha . . . this is brilliant

Yeah . . . like British comedy