Snow Apocalypse

Just when you thought it was safe to plow . . . the snow begins again.  Wave 2 of this winter storm, what the newscasters have brilliantly dubbed “Snow-apocalypse 2010,” is presently frosting the canals and alleyways we’ve constructed over the last few days for vehicles and emergency egress lest one of us accidentally swallow a Monopoly hotel or a bear attacks — it happens.

Thus,  I am forecasting a slow week here at Murphey’s Pub and a perfect opportunity for a little photojournalism to showcase the blizzard for those readers in Brazil, which I imagine doesn’t receive much of this stuff.

Through the wardrobe . . .

Like Narnia if you ignore the extension cord

Obligatory puppy shot

Hershey.  For her winter photo-shoot.

Snow-covered trees

Snow-covered evergreens. Awesome stuff.  Nearly tackled Dad when he took down our Christmas tree this year.  

Path through the snow

By tomorrow, that snow-wall will be two times as high. It reminds me of that ice-carved hotel in Sweden.

Game of Monopoly

By tonight St. Charles will be nothing more than a slum. And Shannon it’s slum-lord.

Snowing among the trees

Ooooo . . . Ahhhh . . . .

Holly and snow

In Aug, Dasad spent our entire road trip capturing close range camera shots, mostly with overpriced cupcakes as his muse. Here’s my attempt at the art, without the cupcakes or the overpriced camera.

Kitty Cat

And because all the other blogs seem to have them . . . Murphey’s LoLCat! She’s nearly the size of the dog. Her bed used to be a mattress.

6 thoughts on “Snow Apocalypse

  1. Actually it’s not a bad shot for a reasonably-priced camera. As I mentioned prior, my buddy Dasad spent nearly an hour standing on the street snapping shots of this four-dollar cupcake he positioned atop a cake box along the street corner. I may not know what ‘aperture’ is but I know my subjects.

  2. It’s all a matter of perspective, really. I mean, earthworms are no doubt quite skilled at sucking dirt, but popping Mr. Squiggles in an Armani suit won’t merit of cover of GQ.

    Dasad is much like that little worm. He sucks a lot of dirt and looks horrible in Armani. He also eats Cheese Curls, which is unattractive no matter what species you happen to be.

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