Homeward Progress

Well, a month or so has passed since I’ve written about my brother’s house; mostly as we leave behind the lumberjacking portion of the construction and begin laying sticks and bricks, my presence on the job site is becoming less and less necessary.  Considering my skill with a hammer, the helpful absence of one additional carpenter can only speed along completion — not to mention reduce injury.

Still when you stop to imagine the lifetimes spent building the pyramids of Giza, the great cathedrals of Europe, and the Baltimore beltway, you appreciate the speed and efficacy with which we construct the modern home.  Thus, I wanted to post the first and latest pictures from Pat and Tiff’s property, hopefully illustrating the construction timeline for the last two months.

The woods last February during the planning process


(May) At this point we are learning the in’s and out’s of lumberjacking.

Cut trees

(End of May) The fruits of our labor. The next day our permits arrived allowing us to remove the stumps and break ground.

Hole in the ground

(June) We dug out Pat’s swimming pool . . . er foundation.

Sides of the walls

(mid-June) The walls began to form.

Higher walls

(End of June) The basement is complete and they put the slabs for the garage.


(July) The first floor begins to take shape . . .

More walls

(Mid July) . . . until it starts to look more habitable.

Below the surface, in the sub-basement we find Ryan and Dad rolling out tarp and wire mesh along the basement (believe me this is their best side).

Concrete will eventually flow through this makeshift metal grid, forever entombing it’s sharp edges, which seemed intent on carving through my left hand last night like some human jigsaw.  Ugh . . .

Tonight we spending much of the evening pouring and dumping cement into various crevices through the garage and patio, as apparently the cement guys need a flat surface before they finish garage floor.  Between various trips to the Home Depot for their best cement and unraveling the secret of the cement mixer, we barely finished before nightfall.  Dad’s  upstairs passed out and Pat is on his way home to Tiff and Kelsey, who I hope will one day enjoy the various messages I scrawled in the wet cement.  Remember hon to “Never date until you’re thirty,” that “Laughter is really the only effective weapon we humans possess,” that “All you need is love,” and that “Han shot first.”  The accumulated wisdom of the human race, written in stone.  Use it well, kiddo!

5 thoughts on “Homeward Progress

  1. Those entombed phrases are sooo much cooler than the standard “name, year”…

    Well done 🙂

  2. To rob from Keats:

    ” . . . that is all/ Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

    Everything else is simply trivia.

  3. As the house is more secluded by the woods, deer and foxes are more likely, but no, we saw few tracks the next morning. Of course during the last few days the temperature has soared to the triple digits. The combined sweat and blood of the carpenters and Murphey boys probably kept most of the wilder fauna away — the resulting stench was quite powerful.

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