Field Trippin’: Part 1

I had been teaching for nearly three weeks when the field trip fell apart.  Much like flood, fire, and any other suburban disaster, the whole fiasco proved more horrible in the retelling afterwards amidst a room of anxious parents.

Teaching back-to-back classes to the middle school already had stretched my nerves thin.  I had given up most attempts at sleeping, choosing instead to restlessly worry for about four or five hours and then stumble upstairs at four in the morning to wait for my morning commute.  Typically – and I mean this in the corniest way possible – I thrive in the shadows of mankind, observing, taking notes and basically keeping to myself.  Is that sad?  Absolutely.  Pathetic?  No doubt.  Anti-social?  Hey, you’re three for three here.  However, that’s me.  I idolized Batman a lot as a kid. Continue reading

Love’s Labors Lost

The latest edition of ABC’s Bachelor will choose his bride/soul mate/future tabloid scandal next week.   Mom and Katie are all a twitter, forcing me to hurl this question out into the void:

Assuming of course that the young man’s intentions is that of ‘true love’ and the hopes of the young ladies likewise lies in martial bliss and not just winning a TV game show,  which for all intensive purposes the show operates as; and assuming that all the buzz words concerning ‘chemistry’ and ‘connection’ and ‘marriage’ and ‘life-long partner’ contain a fraction of what these words represent . . .

If twenty or so girls (or men, The Bachelorette is equally guilty) profess their love/attraction to one guy (girl), how — when all the unsuitable contestants or prudes are removed from contention — can you honestly believe the affections of one or two?   In short, if all these girls fall for one guy with little to no knowledge of his hopes, dreams, fears, religion, favorite bands, or least favorite vegetable apart from his looks and his wallet, how can you trust any of them?  How can the affections of one be more trustworthy, authentic if the affections of many are so freely given?  Moreover, how can watching said program edify your faith in Love itself?

Admittedly the show sells itself as a train wreck, but with so much carnage, it makes one rather apprehensive to travel at all.  The single life keeps getting better and better.