Care Package for Charlie

Nothing says Summer like minigolf . . .

Some Spoilers in this post about Suzanne Collin’s Mockingjay and the Hunger Games trilogy.  Just a warning for those still reading the books!

So . . . Charley, Shannon’s best friend and my adopted brother, has decided to stay in Ohio this summer after completing his exams to line both wallet and resume. And although we, his surrogate family, support his decision, a rather sizable chunk is missing from our usual cast of degenerates and reprobates. Shannon alone has taken to stumbling alone down the stairs and speaking in strange tongues, mostly because of the daily consumption of alcohol and his upcoming Russian exam; however, if Charley were here now, Shannon would have abandoned Russian to slurred English and celebrated the beginning of summer while mixing Irish car bombs downstairs with the rest of his brothers — see Mom, these are the kinds of rumors and tidbits you miss when you don’t read my blog.

Unfortunately, like most interns, Charles is bored at work, spending most of his morning scanning his browser for sites his company did NOT block, and mostly becoming really truly irritated with the results.  Through several text-exchanges, Chuck explained that his desperation had driven him to read anything.  Even my blog!  Clearly something needed to be done . . .

Charley:  Dude . . . . I wanna throw myself out the window

Me: Dang . . . That sucks man.  In that case I’ll see if I can post some awesome pics on my blog.  Funnel some entertainment through the back door so to speak.

Charley:  I like your style, Murph

Me:  I learned from the best: you, Abe Lincoln, and Batman.

Charley: Saw the avengers btw.  Fantastic film.  I also finished Mockingjay.  I didn’t think it was as bad as most people said.

Me:  Really?  I thought she ruined Katniss personally. The girl never makes any decision throughout the book, never takes charge of the chaos, but spends most of the book weeping or being manipulated by others.  If I wanted that tripe, I’d finish Twilight.  She doesn’t even choose Peeta!  He’s just the only one around at the end.

Charley:  Well yeah thats the great part.  It shows, ultimately, how girls are weak and futile compared to men.

Me:  It’s amazing you’re still single, dude.

So that’s how it all went down, and now I’m going to attempt to  funnel some of my favorite pictures to this site as a proactive attack on Charlie’s boredom.  Enjoy!  Firstly, a tribute to our Memorial Day:

I won three of the four tennis matches on Memorial Day.  We finished nearly drowning in sweat.

The Baltimore O’s are finally doing well this season, leaving me to believe either Hell’s frozen over or Melanie Inglesias might finally answer my Twitter-invites to that movie.  Call me!

The automatic pool cover is broken again, and the water’s possesses a magnetic attraction for pollen.  Tomorrow, it’s my turn to vacuum the bottom.  Wahoo!

Charley, you missed out on some of my delicious burgers yesterday. Seasoned to perfection!

Dear Hollywood, Whatever plans you have for MockingJay the Movie, scrap ’em and make this instead. Sincerely, the World. Source.

Captain America quoting Mark Twain.  Awesome!  Source

Did I ever tell anyone that I have a huge geek-crush on Supergirl?  This one’s for you Charley.  Source,

2 thoughts on “Care Package for Charlie

  1. Ok my predictions on the “ultimate” hunger games….. Obviously neddard stark, gladiator and braveheart die, well because, thats what theyre meant to do. Angelina Jolie is too ugly to live. It’ll come down to bear grylls, indiana, that night hawk bow n arrow dude… and then, sara jean-underwood because shes a smokeshow – the gamemaker will throw her in for our viewing pleasure. Ultimately, bow n arrow night hawk dude wins. You heard it here first.

    Batman sucks.

  2. You’re walking on thin ice here, bud. Ms. Underwood is a treasure but watch what you say about Bats. No way Hawkeye survives. Final two: Batman vs. Hitgirl. No contest.

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