Pit Stop

Okay, sooooo . . .  for the next week or so the Fam and I will be traversing through Orlando and Disney, sowing havoc in our wake like a pretty girl at an anime convention.  During this interim, I’m temporarily transforming the Pub into a photoblog, detailing our adventures like a children’s picture book with as few ‘writing’ as I can manage.  For some of you, who never really enjoyed ‘reading’ anyway (I’m looking at you Brigid), this will prove a chance to visit my blog again; for others, a chance to criticize my poor photography skills.

The take-home message: everyone wins.

Coffee is the lifeblood of roadtrips.  We left the house around 3:45 AM and drove through the (mostly) empty highways of DC and Virginia for five hours before stopping to eat.  Mom, Katie, and Brigid slept most of the way, popping up from behind a seat every hour to ask ‘Murph, you alright?’ to the point I think they began talking in their sleep.

South Carolina! My sister, Katie, has the bladder of a pea, requesting to visit a rest stop every half-hour or so.  Luckily the constant interruptions helped keep me awake and conscious as I switched between playlists, audiobooks, and the occasional lucid conversation with my mom and sisters.

Tropical Storm ‘Debbie’ met us as soon as we entered Florida. The deluge is currently sitting in the Gulf, waiting for us to venture outside to the parks or golf and soak us to the marrow.  The girls and I stopped at St. Augustine, FL before meeting the rest of my siblings who were flying into Orlando the next day.  This shot was taken during a rare dry spell on that first day.

Visiting St. Augustine is like a trip back in time.  I expect Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow to appear on a veranda, smoking cheap cigars and clashing swords, pockets swollen with stolen treasure.

Google Maps pointed us to this pizza place behind our hotel.  The margarita pizza was phenomenal! Very highly recommended! After fourteen straight hours of driving, I indulged in a bottle of wine, finding myself rather wasted afterwards.

Still drunk here. Took a picture of Leo’s (Katie’s boyfriend) college — thus, the quasi-artistic shot above the trees.

More drinking back at the hotel bar. Katie kept my glass filled with sangria while I attempted to talk football with a couple at the bar.  Why doesn’t anyone harp about movies or video games at these places?  Or books?  Sports and politics: topics no one understands but concerning which everyone is an expert.

I woke up the next morning with no hangover: a St. Augustine miracle. As the morning stretches into afternoon, the rain continues to fall.  As the girls and I pile into our family van, the storm unleashes its fury upon us.  On I-4, we watch motorcycles skid out onto the highway, tow trucks fishtailing into traffic, and flashing emergency lights appearing behind every turn.

Not even the legion of Disney robots could stop tropical storm Debbie. The park’s cashing in on umbrellas and plastic capes though.  I snapped this view of the Boardwalk resort from our balcony.

2 thoughts on “Pit Stop

  1. I will criticize you photography… Ahem.. Let’s play the family tradition of “one good thing, one bad thing” but the photo version. Lets start with the bad – – terrible photo of Leo’s college. But it’s probably good you didnt get next to those tall buildings, Leo’s bald head would have attracted the lighting. Good thing – – Photo from the balcony of the boardwalk. Good memories of you yelling at shan and i for smoking stogies and…. reading? strange. Have fun down there I look forward to more pictures!

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