This Little Job of Mine

The first day of our Disney vacation (as appose to our ‘road trip vacation,’ ‘St. Augustine vacation’ or ‘cabernet-induced vacation’) found Tropical Storm Debbie hovering over our resort like a large fly buzzing a particularly spacious picnic.  Other families may feel flummoxed by the gloomy weather, bolting themselves inside until the sun should emerge to chase away the gloom to some other, less entertaining state . . . like Ohio, but the Murphey clan does not shrink from natural calamities.  We simply bought a quiver of over-priced Disney umbrellas and trod to the local cinema . . . like men!

Normally, morning breaks over the Boardwalk Resort Thursday morning . . .

. . . but on Monday, it looked like this, which unless you’re a fish was in fact rather depressing.

Luckily, AMC just opened a Fork and Screen, dine-in movie theater.  My mom loves these things, allowing her to drink copious bottles of wine with her friends and daughters.  Sometime later in the week, she and my aunt, Sue, set a girl-date to watch Magic Mike without her husband, sons and the male population of Disney.

While at the movie theater, I got a job offer as part-time chemistry teacher for one of the local private schools. The school principal called me moment before the previews began (they’re the best part).  Ryan bought me a beer, which like the news proved bittersweet. Earning a few extra bucks is of course awesome, but last year’s full time teaching position left me rather hollow inside. I just hope this new term would prove kinder.

After the movie, the rain had abated (though the dense cloud cover kept us close to doorways) so we decided to walk through the Disney Marketplace a little. The Lego store here is awesome. The sea serpent is one of their best sculptures.

When building Legos, I have a tendency to stick to the instructions. I realize that this goes against the whole point of the building blocks, but without blueprints I get a little lost. Considering how most of my creations ended up in pieces weeks later, I’m still rather thankful for those instructions.

Call me corny, but I love theme restaurants (provided the food surpasses the decor). ‘Dino-burger,’ ‘Stega-steak,’ ‘Bronto-shake-us,’ I love it!

We saw so many Marvel shirts down in Florida this year. Kevin wore his Dark Knight Rises t-shirt practically everyday. Nearly every waiter, bellcap, and 10-year-old stopped him to talk about it, and ask why his older brother was crying.  I’d sputter something about ‘golden age for geeks’ and stumble back up to my room.

As the rain began to fall again, we ducked into Disney Quest for some gaming and air hockey.  I annihilated a twelve-year-old kid in Tekken.  Highlight of the day, really.

Makeshift ponds and lakes had settled after several hours of torrential downpours. We used the gaps in the deluge to race to Hollywood Studios for dinner.

We ate at Disney’s Brown Derby, a east coast recreation of the famous star-studded restaurant.  I’m a huge fan of the old ‘Road’ movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.  Road to Morocco (much like Abbot and Costello and Casablanca) is still as fresh today as it was sixty years ago.

I ordered the stuffed chicken. Absolutely delicious.  Don’t ask me what they stuffed into the bird: happiness, love, the powdered hooves of unicorns.  It was simply delicious.

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