Another snowstorm hit the northeast over the weekend, thus successfully closing schools and granting teachers and students a five-day weekend.  Wahoo!  Teachers are not known for laziness during their days off.  No siree!  I’ve built a kickass Paladin deck in the Hearthstone Beta, leveled my ranger to level 30 in Guild Wars, cleaned my room of excess clothes, filled my room with books, watched the excellent Lego Movie, and beat ‘Ganon’ in Link between Two Worlds.  Many of my students’ papers still need . . . correcting, but considering that I’ve accomplished so much I can afford to give myself the day off.  Oh, and I also managed to engage in some amateur photography as well.  At night no less.  ‘Cause let’s face it, I’m a badass. 


It took me a while to take a decent picture last Saturday. If I did not hold the camera absolutely still, the snow-filled world would appear blurred and hazy like most Saturdays for us single folks.


This shot always reminds me of Narnia. If a half-naked satyr stepped from the shadows draped in a red scarf, I’d . . . well, I’d probably hurl my camera at him and run screaming inside but after years of therapy I’d want my memories to look just like this.


The way the falling snow seems to hover over this scene like tiny balls of light reminds me that even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then. I took nearly a hundred shots this night, soaking with snow and cold seeping into my bones, but if I manage one truly awesome photo, then it was all worth it.


Same tree as the previous shot, but you can see how much snow we actually received. The local news predicted a foot; we got nearly seventeen inches. Kevin, of course, immediately stepped outside to plow the driveway, which totally irritated my inner child — plow trucks and snow days do not mix.

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