Adventure Hilton Head

Attempting to pull me away from my ps4 and the latest Batman game, my siblings have kidnapped me this morning.  We are currently heading south to Hilton Head Island, SC to enjoy the next ten days biking, golfing, and avoiding the occasional shark attack.

Compared with our Orlando vacations, Hilton Head decided is a welcome change of pace.  Biking, golfing, swimming and eating encompass much of the island’s entertainment.  And while fishing and kyaking are available by reservation — I’ll discuss these in a future post — the point of Hilton Head is to imagine a vacation without schedules, roller coasters, or hour-long queues outside of Space Mountain.  I’ll post pictures of the resort and the island over the next few days with a proper write-up of our adventure after we return.  See you later!

These huge oak trees surround our rooms, the thick branches exploding in all directions and dripping with Spanish moss.


Low tide at the beach on South Carolina’s shore. The calm hides the threat of sharks which have attacked several bathers over the last few weeks here on the East Coast.

In Maryland, we cannot sell alcohol in grocery stores so buying hundred dollar wine at the local Krugers felt like a novelty — any wine over twenty bucks overextends our price range.


My one regret for the trip is that I did not golf more over the last few days. The holes are beautiful. Sometimes I think people should be allowed to walk the course free of the excavating clubs and the litter of lost golf balls.


Our resort lie adjacent to the Shelter Cover marina. After watching my uncle refuel and scrape barnacles from his motorboat, I realize the cost burden of owning a boat, but God, the romance of setting sail at any time and island-hopping around the Keys and the Carribean always jumpstarts my imagination.

Our resort was wedged between the marina and a river, which would disappear ever six hours with the tide to reveal muddy marshes. Dolphins, shrimp, and even some small sharks would adventure into the grass-maze seeking food alonside kayakers and water-boarders.


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