In which Murph engages in some redecorating

*Yawn* Long day, long week. Between surgery, schoolwork, and daily circus involved in shuttling the family from home to ring ceremonies to practice then back home and later from school to the pizza parlor to the grocer’s to the ice rink from school and back home again, I feel ready to find a hollowed tree and hibernate for another six weeks. However, as complaint sickens me like rancid milk in the sweaty hands of Richard Simmons, I will minimize the venting and move on to some quick announcements.

As you can see, I am making some minor changes with the blog; namely the name and probably the banner may undergo an overhaul in the next few days. Thus, like sailing your houseboat next to an insane asylum, the new perspective will surely provide many interesting experiences. However, rest assured that the content of this site will probably not improve (I am nothing if not consistent), the same ramblings and ravings only with a prettier face.